Implementing an Ongoing Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign for Complex Sales

We think that even small scale integrated direct marketing campaigns can yield productive discussions that may emerge, over time, as bonafide leads for complex sales. The least cost method available to distribute marketing communications, of course, is email. The most readily available follow up method is a telemarketing call. The trick is, as we have noted earlier in this blog, to follow up with recipients of direct marketing communications no later than 3 business days from mailing out the email message. We think it is particularly valuable to maintain an ongoing integrated direct marketing effort in 2012. After all, enterprise IT software buyers are presently reticent. Any engagement that may be in the offing will generally only take place should a buyer reach a point where contact is required — whether to place an order or, rarely, to present questions. Therefore, maintaining an ongoing integrated direct marketing effort makes sense as a way to provide markets with the information they require to fairly evaluate a product/service/integrated solution for procurement.

Where possible, it makes sense to use an email distribution service to manage posting for you. These services can let you know when an email has been opened by a specific recipient. Most, if not all of these services have very low thresholds as regards spam; therefore, it is absolutely essential that marketing communications collateral sent by email include either a request that recipients opt-in, or a method by which they can opt out.

Given the realities of dealing with a service like Constant Contact, or MailChimp for bulk email distribution, we do not even recommend using one of these services for the type of daily, incremental integrated direct marketing effort that we are focusing on in this post. For this type of daily activity we simply recommend clustering email messages, by telemarketer, into manageable groups that can be completely covered within the 3 business day freshness window that we alluded to above. Certainly, once some traction has been established it will likely make sense to include an opt-in opportunity. With a hefty number of opt-ins it will then make sense to utilize a service like Constant Contact, iContact, or MailChimp for bulk distribution.

If your products would benefit from a proactive, regular promotional effort, but you lack the internal resources to properly manage attaining your objective, please consider IMB Enterprises, Inc. We have the expertise that you require to put together a truly useful integrated direct marketing effort for your business. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Ira at

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