Key Components of an Actual Cost Calculation for a Tech Sales Lead to an Enterprise Business Prospect

Quantifying the actual cost of a tech sales lead for an enterprise business prospect must include the following information to ensure a level playing field for comparison purposes:

  • a definition of a tech sales lead and
  • an accurate cost for any/all internal work that may be required to nurture the components of a sales lead — contact information and stage of lead maturity — to the status of an authentic lead

Without the above information an accurate cost of sales lead metric can not be produced.

A Definition of a Tech Sales Lead
We define a sales lead as an opportunity for a member of a client’s sales team to meet with a verified decision maker (or a committee vested with the same authority) who is actually pursuing solutions to a defined need that may include a client’s product or service. This meeting can take the form of a face to face visit, email exchange, telephone call, etc. What is important is that this meeting provides a natural opportunity for us to transition a sales lead to a client.

We define any other information that may be related to a sales lead, for example, contact name/title/telephone number/etc as components of a potential opportunity that may or may not produce a sales lead.

Our lead generation services clients have the option of purchasing components of potential selling opportunities or sales leads.

An Accurate Cost for Developing Sales Leads with Internal Resources from Opportunity Components
The actual cost for a tech innovator that opts to use internal resources to produce sales leads from opportunity components will vary substantially from tech innovator to tech innovator; therefore, we cannot quantify a fixed cost.

On the other hand, we do know that any/all sales leads that we deliver to clients have to pass through 7 preliminary steps (from an initial discussion all the way to a preliminary (unqualified) meeting between our team and presumed decision makers on a presumed requirement) prior to a transition from us to a client at step 8. Our experience indicates that, typically, well in excess of a man month of time can (and usually does) elapse from contact identification to client transition.
Depending upon the complexity of a client’s product, an interval as long as a year or longer may be required to successfully nurture conversations along to sales lead status.

Accordingly, for clients who understand the importance of factoring in the above information, our services deliver very high value. In fact, our services can be used as a powerful method of saving cash that would otherwise be expended on full time staff requirements. If you care to learn more about our offers, then please contact Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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