Mining for Complex Sales Leads with a Twitter Page can Produce Positive Results

A properly managed Twitter page can produce useful leads for complex sales of IT products/services/integrated solutions to enterprise businesses. Three steps need to be taken to ensure useful results:

  1. Your tweets should be consistent with your Twitter brand. Use the first weeks of your presence on Twitter to gauge the appropriateness of your Twitter brand. Modify as required to ensure that your visitors are “welcome”
  2. Block followers who bring no related interest to your page. Amassing a lot of spurious Twitter followers is clearly a waste of time
  3. If you plan on “retweeting” other information that you find online, then you should curate the content with your own unique annotations

Step 1) is the most important of these 3 steps. If you plan on using Twitter to attract a following of enterprise business prospects, then you should structure your Tweets along topics of interest to these visitors. We have derived useful results from tweets on IT support and/or training topics for an audience of enterprise IT operational staff. We plan on tweeting on IT systems adoption topics to magnetize visitors from enterprise IT management.

Enforcing step 2) will ensure that you won’t have to spend lots of time wading through useless followers to identify followers worth pursuing. As well, if you plan on using Twitter to drive visitors to your corporate web site, you will have a substantially greater likelihood of achieving your objective if you consistently block followers who are just looking for “follow backs,” etc.

Finally, annotation (appending comments to information that you have located online) is a great way to follow a daily routine that will produce opportunities for you to publish original content. Publishing original editorial content on a daily basis will provide useful support to your efforts to build up unique visitors to your business website. For better or worse, search engine referrals are still a very important method of driving web site visits. We do not see this reality changing anytime soon.

We have recently closed substantial business from Twitter page referrals. If you opt to follow the tips that we have provided in this post, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your results. We would welcome an opportunity to learn about your experience. Further, if you are looking for a comprehensive program for a Twitter page, perhaps in conjunction with efforts on LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook, we would be happy to discuss your objectives with you. Telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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