Rethinking the Objectives of Lead Generation Programs for Complex Sales

Highly efficient complex selling operations require very high quality leads, not the high quantity that one might assume to be the case. What represents a high quality lead for a complex sales opportunity?

We think that a high quality lead for a complex sales opportunity must include some version of the following information:

  1. Comprehensive background information about a prospect business. For a public company this information should include current share price as well as the percentage difference in share price over the past calendar year. Further, a detailed list should be included of any publicly visible business process initiatives that are underway, or planned for the near future. Any problem areas that have been publicly identified as contributors to a degradation in profit margins or gross sales volume should be identified and detailed. Finally, a comprehensive list of the leadership in IT/MIS as well as important business units (Sales, for example) must be provided along with reliable contact information
  2. A completed comprehensive prospect profile that places the prospect somewhere above a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10 with regard to the probability that your complex solution can produce genuine value in the form of quantifiable cost savings. It is important to note that a number 5 prospect on this scale must not only represent a realistic opportunity for your product/service/integrated solution to produce quantifiable value, but further, the prospect must be looking for a solution to their need. This profile must be compiled from discussions with at least 2 individuals from the prospect business
  3. Identification of the most likely gatekeeper contact from the leadership identified in #1, above, for an initial contact with your complex sales team. The reasons for this likelihood can vary between “this guy is the ‘yoda’ for the group you’re trying to reach” to “this gal has egg all over her face as the result of poor performance quarter over quarter”. Bottom line, whomever is mentioned must welcome your contact to ensure that the first discussion stays on track and delivers the information that your team will require to dig deeper into the notion that there is a sales opportunity for your product/service/integrated solution for this prospect

A quick review of 1 – 3 above should reveal that filling in these 3 blanks will require a substantial amount of research as well as a number of preliminary discussions with contacts at prospect businesses. Definitely not the type of high output that you would expect to obtain from a direct marketing effort that is high on telemarketing, low on teleprospecting and, potentially, no where to be found with regard to in person contact.

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