Surveys are a Useful Tool for Lead Generation for Enterprise Software Sales

It makes sense for innovative, early stage technology businesses that produce software for enterprise markets to implement market survey campaigns. These campaigns need to be entirely separated from the sales function of the business. Awarding a contract to a telemarketing company to perform the surveys is an excellent option. The questions on the survey should be specifically designed to reveal areas of opportunity for further discussions with contacts. We think it makes sense for the telemarketing firm to include mention of the sponsor’s name somewhere in the introductory message as the task of transitioning leads back to the sponsor will be made smoother if prospects are aware of the connection between the companies from the start of a dialogue. If managed correctly these campaigns can produce high quality leads for, at a minimum, further engagement.

It may be helpful to spend another few moments discussing how the questions on the survey ought to be organized. The purpose of the survey, after all, is to produce the names of prospects who are worth further engagement. Further engagement makes sense where answers to survey questions reveal a potential benefit for a prospect as the result of implementing the type of enterprise software produced by the business. Therefore, to be truly useful, a business ought to have completed the construction of a very clear prospect profile. Further, a business ought to have a good idea of the general value that the market targeted by the business has obtained from the product. In sum, very early stage businesses that neither have a clear prospect profile, nor a general idea of product benefits as perceived by the target market should not undertake market surveys as a lead generation activity.

For businesses that do meet the above criteria, sets of questions need to be included in the survey to highlight specific prospects that meet the prospect profile criteria. Usually, putting together these specific questions is not a challenging task. Of course, an appropriate telemarketing company must be chosen to conduct the survey, meaning a firm that demonstrates the quality of staff expertise that can be counted upon to produce useful conversations with high level contacts at prospect businesses. Further, it makes sense to require that the telemarketing firm provide recordings for all telephone conversations. At a minimum, a proportion of the call recordings must be reviewed to ensure that conversations with contacts are handled correctly and at a high level.

We have lots of recent experience with these types of lead generation activities. If you would like to speak with us about an outbound lead generation program that is presently on the table for discussion, then please contact Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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