Surveys Speak to the Strong Interest that Enterprises Generally Have in Establishing a Position in Comparison to Peers

As enterprises and other large organizations of users in the public and not for profit sectors evaluate internal computing policies, procedures and platforms, peer comparisons provide an important means of ascertaining the reasonableness and efficiency of these efforts. Simply consider the widespread interest of these groups in gauging the maturity of their respective computing architectures as an indicator of the importance of peer comparison. In fact, few organizations are looking to stand out from the crowd represented by their peers. Rather, most organizations need to ensure that their present realities reflect a position well within the mainstream of common approaches to computing requirements.

Enterprise IT ISVs should look to exploit this interest as they consider methods of driving engagement with market participants. Surveys constitute a powerful tool that speaks to the interest of groups of users to ascertain comparative position with regards to computing. There is nothing off topic about implementing a survey and inviting market participants to participate in it. In fact, the results gathered from a completed survey, that has been correctly designed to gather important qualifiers from prospects, can provide highly useful indication of the likelihood of a prospect developing, at some point, into a true sales lead. Therefore, we think it makes sense for a marketing function to seriously consider using a survey as a method of driving prospect engagement opportunities.

An invitation to participate in a survey can either be promoted to the public within a marketing communications program (meaning on a web page, or, where budgets will permit, even via a paid advertising campaign intended to build market awareness of a product/service/integrated solution), or presented on a case-by-case basis through an integrated direct marketing effort. The survey results should be collected. Further, the permission of participants should be solicited to share results (of course with complete assurance of anonymity for participants) with other participants. The final compilation of results will certainly provide a survey sponsor with a useful gauge of market interests in an offer, while, at the same time, provide participants with the gauge that they are looking for of how they compare to peers on the same topic.

If you are looking for a powerful method of gauging market place interest in your product/service/integrated solution for enterprise organizations, etc, you should seriously consider launching a survey effort. If you lack the internal resourced to get the job done right, you ought to engage with a third party with experience with this method.

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