Use a Call to Action in a Variety of Different Landing Pages to Motivate Web Site Visitors to Submit Names for Lead Generation

Early stage enterprise IT ISVs should allocate resources required to craft web site content into a method of encouraging visitors to submit contact information for lead generation programs. Missing the low cost opportunity represented by a web site as a method of collecting contact information is a serious mistake. In sum, and as discussed over several very recent posts to this blog, a web site is a very efficient means of soliciting contact information.

The problem is converting visits into actions. As anyone who uses online analysis tools like Google Analytics is aware, for most “raw” web sites (meaning web sites that have not been organized with lead generation programs in mind), a very small proportion of web site visitors — in our experience, less than 1% — will decide to either submit contact information for further discussions, or pick up a telephone to place a call to a business.

If web pages are designed without so-called “call to action” content, then it is very unlikely that site visitors will convert at all. Therefore, at a minimum, web site editorial content should be organized to provide visitors with a “call to action.” Of course, look to the editorial content, itself, for a compelling reason for visitors to take planned action. Therefore, it is critically important that the editorial content on the web site meet at least minimum requirements for timeliness and relevance.

We don’t think that the task of creating timely and relevant site content is that simple. Therefore, we recommend that a variety of different methods be tried prior to reaching a conclusion on the usefulness of a content approach. In other words, different pages on the web site (perhaps pages merely created as landing pages for email and/or telemarketing campaigns) should be built with the same call to action, but packaged differently. Testing the same content, albeit in different packaging (meaning landing pages), will amount to a thorough method of determining visitor interest (and endorsement) of editorial content.

With a variety of landing pages in place, a historical review of the behavior of visitors to a web site with calls to action in place will provide enough of an indicator of whether or not the content meets the requirement, or not. If visitors are not taking the planned action, then the content is missing the mark and ought to be changed right away.

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