Use Online Advertising Opportunities to Fill in Where Marketing Communications Budgets are Otherwise Limited

It makes sense for an early stage enterprise IT ISV to produce a realistic (meaning that the investment represented by the budget is truly available to be allocated, as planned) marketing budget. This budget needs to include the financing required to pay for the promotion that will need to take place to deliver an adequate volume of leads to produce the sales, which will, in turn, successfully deliver the revenue expected from the sales function.

But what if the planned budget amounts to a cash commitment beyond the reach of the business? In fact, from our experience, this situation is the norm, more often than not. We think that a combined effort that includes:

  • Online Advertising through a program like Google Adwords
  • Web page optimization for high search engine results placements (SERPs) for useful key words
  • Social Media Presence through News Annotation and Community Building
  • Integrated Direct Marketing including eMail Blast and follow up teleprospecting calls to recipients within 72 hours of receipt of communications
  • and, finally, lead management with Salesforce and/or MS Dynamics

can be very effective and, is much more cost-effective (if not outright less expensive) than a traditional marketing communications budget process that would avail of online services like Marketo or Hub Spot.

We have recently spent considerable time examining developments that Google has made with their Adwords product. In fact, IMB Enterprises, Inc. has joined the Engage for Agencies Program offered by Google. We plan on achieving certification for Adwords and, subsequently, Google Analytics in the near future. The point is that we now have a better of understanding of how Adwords campaigns can be used, effectively, for complex enterprise IT software products, through a combination of a MARCOM campaign to build brand awareness and a specific, targeted campaign to build sales opportunities. The beauty of this type of a strategy is that, once active, lots and lots of data will be forthcoming that can be used for two important purposes:

  • to refine key words
  • and to establish a ratio between click ad dollars spent and useful leads

Of course, an Adwords program complete with Analytics tracking will deliver much more useful data, but for our purposes in this post, the above two points are the most value results of a carefully coordinated campaign. Any size budget (even one that amounts to less than $10.00 per day) can be exercised to test the usefulness of the program. It will certainly make sense to add dollars as realistic objectives are achieved. The big plus is that there will be no need for a large cash outlay at the start.

If you have been following our recent posts on the importance of marketing communications, and product promotion for enterprise IT software, and you have a limited budget, you ought to consider the plan we have just described. Our retained services (3 mos minimum) start at $1250.00 per month. Please contact IMB Enterprises, Inc to learn further.. You can call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion about our services plan, which start at $1250.00 per month (3 mos minimum). You may also email Ira at

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