Low Cost Resources for Lead Generation for Complex Sales

Lead generation programs for complex sales must produce prospects who are likely to be in the market for a solution to some level of clear financial pain. An excellent resource for unearthing leads are SEC filings for publicly traded businesses here in the United States. Look for indicators in quarterly and/or annual filings for escalating costs in the areas of business activity serviced by enterprise software.

Frequently monitoring news is also an excellent method of locating information about business losses, changes in management (often an indicator that procedures will soon be reorganized), and efforts to transform a corporate brand.

Once we have identified prospects we generally use a website like Jigsaw or LinkedIn to put together a list of the contacts that we plan to contact.

Generally we obtain better results from Jigsaw at a zero cost. Once a business registers with Jigsaw, access is granted to all of the leads that have been submitted to the site. In our case we make no use of unsolicited email addresses; therefore we have no need for the email addresses that accompany each lead. Further, if telephone numbers are not publicly available, we will not call them; therefore we do not purchase leads with private telephone numbers. We do, however, maintain a points surplus with Jigsaw. We have accumulated points (which can be paid out in exchange for specific leads, should we encounter an opportunity where we absolutely must have email addresses and/or direct telephone numbers) by submitting unimportant leads from our own leads list. As well, we have also accrued points as the result of correcting errors about contacts, specifically titles and/or misspelling of names.

Once we have identified contact names with Jigsaw, we will look up the same contact names on LinkedIn to verify the information. Once the contact name is completely verified, we proceed to formulate the structure of an initial telephone call. We structure a first call to a contact to test our “pain” assumption about the prospect — no pain, no pursuit. Where there is acknowledged pain, we look to ensure that a contact agrees that our solution may provide some relief. In our experience, prospects who believe have the will to motivate the rest of an organization to participate in our fact finding mission, which provides the basis of our quantified financial conclusion about cost savings.

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