Passive methods of nurturing leads makes sense for enterprise software sales

We’ve written recently in this blog on the topic of lead nurturing. We’ve expressed a skepticism about this method of maintaining contact with prospects over time. Our skepticism is rooted in a fundamental rejection of the usefulness of periodically sending product specific and/or industry specific email messages to prospects. We see this activity as producing few useful opportunities to meaningfully engage with prospects as the basis for conversation will revert, inevitably, to product presentations, precisely the type of activity that produces little if any information about what is important to a prospect with regard to a specific type of computing.

Rather, we are proponents of passive lead nurturing activities. Passive lead nurturing amounts to allocating resource to stay attuned to prospect businesses over time, but from a distance. After all, categorizing an engagement with a prospect as a sales lead is generally most meaningful for the company actively pursuing a sale to a customer, rather than the customer itself. True, it does “take two to tango,” meaning that customers and sellers must agree to engage with one another on a sale in order for an order to materialize, but we think the purchase means very different things to each party. For our purposes here we are only concerned with sellers. Therefore when an engagement is converted by marketing, or sales, to a bonafide sales opportunity and, for one reason or another, the sales opportunity does not bear fruit, we think it makes total sense, over time to keep a vigilant eye on the changing realities at the prospect who is now not actively engaged. Of course, this vigilance can pay off handsomely if changes in management, business conditions, etc are quickly recognized and commensurate outreach can be mustered to engage with the prospect once again.

The best method of allocating resources for this type of activity is to leverage computing power. Paying for proprietary intelligence, whether via a named premium news service, or other method we thinks makes total sense. As well, an Intranet system like Microsoft® SharePoint® can be configured to display prospect news within a dashboard that can be made easily accessible to a sales team, marketing team and other groups at the prospect business.

The live component of our passive lead nurturing method is to leverage editorial tools like press releases and, for our contemporary audience, blogs, twitter pages, etc. to maintain market position. Prospects targeted for lead nurturing should be encouraged to opt into these online media to ensure that they are kept up to date, albeit at a distance with your brand message.

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