Popular Media Starts to Get the Self Serving Message of Some Google Apps

On May 6, 2014 the TechCrunch web site posted an article by Darrell Etherington, Google Maps on Mobile Gets Uber Integration and More. If for no other reason, Mr. Etherington’s article is notable for pointing out what can only be called the self serving nature of how Google opted to include Uber in its new Google Maps App. Mr. Etherington notes: “[the Uber inclusion] is arguably the most interesting part of the update, since it represents Google essentially blessing one tech-focused transportation startup over all others. Uber is also a Google Ventures portfolio company, so it begs the question of whether or not this is some kind of sweetheart deal, though Google always maintains its venture arm operates independently from the rest of the organization.”

On the same day TechCrunch published Mr. Etherington’s article, HP announced the launch of the HP Helion Portfolio of Cloud Products and Services. What I find to be notable in the HP Press release is the mention of new “OpenStack® technology-based products”.

By choosing to actively support, and promote OpenStack, as an alternative to Android for app development targeted to cloud, SaaS solutions, is it safe to say HP sees an opportunity to capture market share from Google? Phrased another way, is it safe to say the developer/OEM community is losing its taste for Android?

Certainly the blatant self serving nature of including Uber in the new Google Maps App is not the first example of this behavior. In fact, regardless of its presumed Open Source roots, one can argue Google’s Chrome O/S is rich in Google Apps and light on anything else.

I think HP’s announcement is a lot more than simply word about another mature ISV presenting the cloud, SaaS market with just another set of products and services built on someone else’s IP. Rather, I think HP is making an effort to compete with Google at the cloud O/S level.

Ira Michael Blonder

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