A Marketing Communications Success Story for an Enterprise Software as a Service Offering

Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) as a service offerings have been slow to take off. In fact, many enterprise CIOs have been reluctant to implement off premises cloud computing solutions as the result of a combination of concerns about security, privacy of data, and governance. With a near daily announcement of security breaches across several prominent Internet applications it is certainly understandable that enterprise CIOs would be slow to endorse SaaS and Cloud offerings.

A company by the name of Workday is bucking the trend. On June 16, 2012 we read an article written by Ashley Vance and posted on Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek web site, The Two Horsemen of the Enterprise Software Apocalypse. After reading several pages of this article we visited the Customer section of the Workday website to verify, for ourselves, that enterprise customers do, in fact, make up the majority of Workday’s customers and, further, that this SaaS offering is used for internal purposes. We successfully verified these points and settled in to review a customer case study for Kimberly Clark.

It is worth noting here that Workday’s marketing communications team has substantially altered the format of a case study from a presentation of pure editorial text content to a combination of mere bullet points and video. The real meat of the case study is to be found in the video. Of course, changing the design of an otherwise important piece of product marketing collateral in this manner diminishes the usefulness of search engines as a driver for site visitors. After all, without lots of text, search engines will have little information to index. But this MARCOM team appears to understand that search engine visibility is not an important driver for the type of visitor they are after, which makes sense to us given our own findings (recounted at length over several posts on this blog) that search engine visibility plays at best a very minor role as a driver of quality traffic to websites (like the Workday website) that promote complex products designed for enterprise business.

The video worked very well for us. The production quality was entirely professional. The spokesperson of the video was none other than the CIO of Kimberly Clark, himself, who recounted a detailed explanation of why moving to Workday for his need for a Human Capital (HC) solution for the Kimberly Clark community of 57K workers spread all over the world made the most sense. We are completely confident that the presumed audience for this case study, none other than CIOs from Workday prospects, will really take to this format and extract they information they require — the rationale that drove a peer to implement the product.

If you share our enthusiasm for a successful example of marketing communications like this one and need to incorporate a new approach in your business marketing communications collateral, then please give us a call. Telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at imblonder@imbenterprises.com.

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