A Product Spokesman is a Mandatory Role for the Debut of New Enterprise IT Software

Enterprise IT ISVs in need of a method of rapidly building market awareness of new products should carefully consider designating a product spokesperson. This product spokesperson should be charged with promoting new products through a variety of media, including:

  • Print, Direct Mail
  • Online Web Sites
  • Social Media
  • Conferences
  • Customer Events, etc

Where an ISV is long on technology, but lacking as regards an understanding of marketing, the need to take this leadership step for a product may elude senior management. Missing this opportunity to designate product leadership often results in a much slower — and more challenging — product launch. After all, someone needs to take charge to ensure that a distinct, and consistent message is delivered to markets. Further, this individual needs to create the position papers, white papers, and other high level collateral that is required to create a stir (meaning interest) around a product. Of course, interest will, inevitably, result in engagement with prospects, perhaps in the form of incoming inquiries, or, perhaps in the form of attendance at seminars and other product presentation venues.

Where it is not possible to dedicate head count entirely to this set of tasks, then the tasks can certainly be split among a number of senior managers. However, any/all public announcements, presentations, communications, must be handled uniformly and in one consistent voice. In fact, availing of a third party communications firm can generally suffice to ensure that a product launch proceeds entirely along these lines. Answers to important questions can be fielded from engineering, finance, senior management, etc.; however the position piece that includes these answers must be crafted by a single writer who either establishes the market message, or adds to it, as required. Opting for many different voices speaking to the same topics ought to be entirely avoided as the end result of this type of babble is market confusion and ambiguity — two conditions that ought to be avoided at almost any cost.

Once product leadership has been designated, then the management team should shift its scrutiny to proofing a communications plan for a product to ensure that every appropriate medium is served with a “right” message. Partners, collaborators and influential individuals should be informed of the product and included in the review process to ensure that a best effort has been made.

If your business is set to launch a product, but you lack the internal resources to shoulder the marketing communications burden that will have to ensue, then you ought to secure the services of a third party to work with you as you traverse this phase of product development.

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