Accurate Business Performance Forecasting Remains a Top Holy Grail for Enterprise IT

We read with interest an article on the Computing dot Co dot UK website, RBS: crisis means organisations are focusing on data architecture. When we read how Colin Gibson, Head of Data Architecture for RBS, characterized the intention of his large enterprise to “to take information from disparate systems and provide insight into potential crises.” we had a sense of deja vu. In our opinion Mr. Gibson’s comment simply adds one more voice to the collective enterprise “cry,” which has echoed over the last 25 years or more for someone to find the “holy grail,” meaning a method to produce truly accurate indicators of future business performance from data collected across disparate sources, regardless of silos, within enterprise business.

While we are skeptical of the ultimate value for enterprise business of large IT projects in this area of business performance prediction we have no choice but to affirm that customers are “still out there” searching for these solutions. We think that innovative tech businesses can carve out defensible market niches by addressing the components of the overall sought after solution. For example, we have considerable recent experience with the markets for Microsoft® SharePoint®. We have noted a strong interest on the part of enterprise SharePoint users to avail of taxonomy, the term store and meta data to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of SharePoint search as a means of exposing as much critical data as possible to scrutiny by management decision-makers. Tech innovators with a solution to connect Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to non Microsoft databases like Oracle®‘s MySQL will likely have a healthy market opportunity in this same space as many of these enterprises support a disparate group of databases, including the very popular open source MySQL. Of course, it is difficult to build an entire business around simply one connector, but expanding the market to include enterprise IT organizations looking to empower SAP, Oracle and IBM users with the same type of capability would likely make for much more of a business from this type of effort.

If you are tossing around some notions as to how to best position, or re-position your business for enterprise IT markets interested in data analytics, business intelligence gathering and the like, then we would like to hear from you. Please telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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