An Integrated Marketing Method is the Best Solution for Ongoing Production of Sales Leads

In 2012 an integrated direct marketing method is the best option for tech innovators who need to sell products and/or services to enterprise business and large groups of technology users in the public sector.

What Is Integrated Direct Marketing in 2012
We use the term integrated direct marketing to refer to simultaneous implementation of the following 6 product promotional tools:

  • Online Content including so-called web 1.0 and web 2.0 activities
  • Search Engine Optimization for targeted key words
  • Product Promotion via Social Media
  • Direct Mail Product Promotion
  • Telephone prospect contact including telemarketing and teleprospecting
  • In person prospect contact including visits, conference participation, etc

We are confident that tech innovators, regardless of market engagement strategy (under the radar vs overt), can successfully build long term sales leads programs through a product marketing program that includes each of the above 6 components

Why are 4 of the 6 tools specific to electronic media?
As the result of substantial improvements in the quality of information delivery methods, principally over Internet data communications protocols, more potentially relevant information is available to buyers than ever before at substantially lower cost. This information cornucopia, together with several years of global economic downturn, has spawned the development of “new” buyer who generally will not engage with sales personnel until:

  1. Business needs have crystallized into a tangible form and
  2. An Initial set of potential solutions have been collected that can satisfy (1)

Therefore, tech innovators need to build and manage online content that will appeal, persuade, convince tech buyers in 2012 to reach out to establish contact. This imperative does not preclude the use of direct marketing tools like targeted email, direct mail and outbound telephone contact campaigns. Rather, this imperative provides a complement that, depending upon specific milestones in a business plan, may, in fact, prove to be essential to the success of a business plan. To put it simply, ignore online to your peril in 2012.

If you share our point of view, then you should be able to understand why the best method of addressing these market realities for enterprise tech products is to either install an internal function vested with oversight over this integrated marketing method, or to secure the services of a firm that can outsource this function for your business. We think it makes total sense (in terms of cost) for early stage, funded, tech innovators to opt to outsource this function. We welcome opportunities to discuss this method. Please contact Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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