As the Result of Cloud Conundrum Securing Enterprise IT Data is an Exponentially Larger Market than Previously Thought

As the result of a massive amount of daily editorial content on the topics of so-called “cloud” computing and “software-as-a-service”, we think that enterprise IT organizations are under increasing pressure from business lines to permit end user access to online processes which, in all likelihood, are not only insecure, but dangerous as they represent potential gateways back into enterprise data centers, themselves. Therefore, we think that innovative tech businesses with security solutions for these cloud computing venues are looking at a promising near term future.

The average enterprise CIO has developed something of a blind eye to this ever increasing set of positive editorial content about the ultra low cost of cloud computing as well as the rich set of benefits that it can deliver to end users who can do all sorts of sophisticated computing tasks through simply a web browser and an online account. On the other hand, they cannot afford to ignore the growing number of alarming reports of serious vulnerabilities in cloud computing solutions, which threaten to open entire enterprise IT organizations to malicious intrusion.

Therefore, innovative tech businesses with security solutions for enterprise IT markets have a decent chance to make some headway as the result of what we refer to as the cloud computing frenzy. Of course, the marketing communications themes for these products must be carefully crafted to talk to cloud and/or SaaS topics in a credible manner, but there should be no risk in emphasizing security vulnerabilites.

Marketing and sales teams for cloud security solutions targeted to enterprise IT should include individuals with a proven track record of success in these enterprise IT markets. Perhaps no other type of IT product benefits more from a foundation of a trusted relationship between vendor and buyer than security products. If an individual with a suitable track record is not presently included in the management team, nor within sales or marketing staff, then it will make sense to engage with an individual of this caliber on a consulting basis, in order to secure a suitable endorsement.

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