Use Hadoop to collect and analyze data with clusters of computer servers

Customers with large amounts of data, who are capable of supporting a distributed server architecture, as clusters, can benefit from a decision to implement Apache Hadoop® as the solution. The key operant principle is the notion of clusters. Readers eager to learn more about this benefit may want to take a few moments to review a short animation, titled Hadoop* Server Clusters with 10 Gigabit Intel® Ethernet, which is available for public viewing on a web site published by Intel.

I’m not recommending the video for the presentation of Intel’s high speed gigabit networking hardware. This segment takes up approximately the last 1-2 mins of the animation. But the opening section does more to present viewers with information about how Apache Hadoop is uniquely capable of adding value to any effort to implement data management and analytics architectures over comparatively lower cost server hardware than most of the hype otherwise available online on the notion of “big data”.

For readers looking for even more help drilling down to just what the value-add may amount to should a decision be made to implement Hadoop, a quick visit to a page on the MapR© web site titled What is Apache™ Hadoop®? will likely be worth the effort. The short presentation on the page, in my opinion, provides useful information about why clusters of servers are uniquely capable of servicing as the repository for an enormous number of web pages filled with information.

Certainly market consumers have opted to implement Hadoop for a lot of other purposes than its original “reason to be” as an evolution of “a new style of data processing known as MapReduce” (which was developed by Google) as the MapR presentation points out. These implementations provide a lot of the support for arguments for the notion of “big data”, at least the ones short on hype and long on sensibility.

What’s missing from the MapR presentation are customer success stories/case studies. Fortunately anyone looking for this type of descriptive content on just how real life businesses can benefit from an implementation of Hadoop can simply visit a page of the Hortonworks web site titled They Do Hadoop and watch some of the videos.

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