Building Online Lead Generation Systems Makes Sense for Tech Products in Commodity Markets

It makes sense for tech companies with product offerings in commodity markets to invest the resources required to build competitive lead generation systems for online media. Elsewhere in this blog we have spent considerable time pointing out why precisely this type of effort does not make sense for complex tech products offered to nascent or dysfunctional markets. But for tech products in commodity markets the story is very different, indeed. The facts are that the pace of the sales cycle for incoming leads for known tech commodities is very fast. Therefore, it makes no sense to avoid optimizing programs for online media. Further, it makes no sense to expend lots of effort on teleprospecting when resources ought to be redirected to hasten revenue. To everything there is a season. Tech commodities are no exception.

We advocate focusing entirely on opportunities to build online lead generation systems on search engine marketing, despite the presence of an exploding number of social media outlets. We are not convinced that time spent on social media (with the notable exception of online content creation through blogs) will pay off anytime soon for early stage tech businesses catering to Fortune 500 markets and/or comparable size groups in the public sector. On the other hand, working hard to optimize online websites with some substantial level of existing visitor traffic does make sense. We engage in the following activities for clients to enhance prominence of websites in search engine results:

  • Weekly monitoring of SERPS for client websites as well as the websites of identified competitors for as comprehensive a list of keywords as possible
  • Creation of original, substantive text content to support the prominence of client websites for targeted keywords. Generally we focus on one keyword string per blog post
  • Periodic monitoring of Google PageRank results for any/all client websites
  • Ongoing analysis of the effectiveness of keywords
  • Ongoing analysis of competitor websites complete with summary opinions for client consideration

Where a client possesses a website with a substantial level of current visitor traffic we tend to focus on optimizing pages already prominent in SERPs. Where this success has resulted from “homegrown” efforts, we typically find that search engines point to the home page of the website for most targeted keywords. Our response is to spend lots of time optimizing the home page (usually through the addition of links on the home page that point back to more promising, and appropriate pages deeper within the website) while we make efforts to produce new content specifically crafted to draw useful attention from search engines.

As we noted above, this effort makes sense. Why wait 3 to 6 months for orders “from nowhere” when fielding requests from buyers who know what they want may be readily available through website optimization. We are happy to elaborate on our recent experience in this area. Please call me, Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion about your product and your plan.

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