BYOD also Presents Opportunities for Early Stage Enterprise IT ISVs with Offerings for Cloud Computing

Optimizing systems management — especially with regard to mobile devices — is another area of opportunity for early stage enterprise IT ISVs. Enterprise organizations have now accepted the realities that systems management solutions must incorporate modules for mobile devices — including tablets and smart phones. These organizations will likely require assistance as they strive to deliver the same high quality of service (QOS) computing and networking services that their users have come to expect, rgardless of whether applications for these computing platforms run on premise, or in a cloud.

Reliable management systems for bring your own device (BYOD) computing are in high demand. Few tools are presently available. Recent press on this topics indicates that enterprise organizations will be willing to pay additional cost for these tools. For example, Gartner published a research report, Media Tablets and Beyond: The Impact of Mobile Devices on Enterprise Management back in January of 2012.

The point of the Gartner study is that enterprise organizations need to develop policies to manage how BYOD computing is implemented, and supported. In fact, these organizations stand to benefit from BYOD computing as, generally, the quality of computing devices brought to the work place is — and will continue to be — higher than the quality of computing device provided by the organization, itself. The study contends that upper management within these organizations usually requests tablets and high end smart phones, which are provisioned to these users by enterprise IT organizations. Gartner contends that these enterprise IT organizations should, in turn, cite the reality of these requests, as a reason to justify study of organizational-specific computing requirements, and, further, compilation of new management policies and procedures.

Early stage ISVs with automated tools that support the type of research called for by the Gartner report can benefit from the trend. These tools might include network discovery methods for present generation mobile devices, as well as predictive analysis tools that can be used to look forward, with some accuracy, to a future landscape composed of BYOD computing systems and those owned by the enterprises, themselves. These predictive tools can be particularly valuable if enterprise organizations can use them to demonstrate savings as the burden of device ownership is shifted from the business to users, themselves.

Further, early stage ISVs capable of delivering enterprise-specific custom applications as mobile device apps should also be able to capitalize on very high levels of demand from the market. We do need to note that several of the larger players — including Google with its App Engine — are already competing in this space. Nevertheless, we think there is still room for smaller players to carve a niche in this space.

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