Capturing Audience Sentiment on Campaigns is an Essential Method of Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Communications

It ought to be mandatory that any opportunity to engage with contacts produced by specific marketing communications campaigns include a set of questions crafted to sample audience opinion of the quality of the communications piece. Nevertheless, this opportunity to listen to market opinion, which is opened as the result of incoming inquiries is very often passed up by businesses. In our experience, too tight a focus on sales lead development contributes to the frequency of this oversight.

Of course, if you have no idea of how your market message is received, you will not be able to make corrections, regardless of whether those corrections amount to providing truly accurate information about products/services/integrated solutions, or better emphasizing sticking points that are actually working for you. Therefore, a couple of sentences nested within a reply to an email inquiry, or during a telephone call that specifically request information from a contact about your communications piece (for example a press release, free seminar, etc) makes a lot of sense. We think a great phrase to include in a question that will produce useful opinions goes something like “What was it about our Press Release that prompted your call” or the equivalent. Note the mention of the communications piece, itself, within the question, it is the key component of attracting a useful answer on this topic.

A consistent effort to collect audience impressions results in a set of accurate empirical data that can be used to design and/or refine marketing communications efforts into more productive vehicles. Why waste time with efforts that do not produce results? We have worked with several clients over the last few years who were not only wasting time with mere “brochureware” web sites and spotty integrated direct marketing efforts but, even worse, eschewed MARCOM, altogether, as a promotional opportunity. In all most all cases these clients were “sales obsessed,” in other words, looking to jump into selling and persuading prospects who actually had little if any understanding whatsoever of specific business offers.

It is, obviously, very hard to maintain a “sales obsessed” approach with enterprise prospects. Businesses with neither a truly unique product offer, or some positive reputation in an industry will very seldom make any headway with enterprise IT prospects. Therefore, it should make lots of sense to proceed carefully with a genuine ongoing marketing communications program, collect response and fine tune/enhance as appropriate. If you are looking to implement a marketing communications program from an innovative technology business, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you. You can contact us online or telephone us at +1 631-673-2929. The first 15 mins of any consultation is always on us.

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