Amazon Debuts the fire Phone, If I’m a Retailer, Should I Care About ‘Dynamic Perspective’?

What do the Amazon fire Phone and the Trojan Horse have in common? Perhaps the combination of a couple of new features in this smart phone, ‘Dynamic Perspective’, and ‘Firefly’, provide us with some important clues. Remember how the Trojans were convinced to welcome the Trojan Horse, and thereby, met their downfall? Well brick and mortar retailers may want to keep an eye on shoppers carrying fire Phones.

As Nathan Olivarez-Giles wrote in an article titled Amazon’s Fire Phone: Firefly, Free Cloud and Other Big Takeaways, the new fire Phone “will use four dedicated front-facing cameras with an especially wide field of view to recognize and track where your head is, where you’re looking and how close the device is to your eyes.”. Sounds perfect for shoppers cruising brick and mortar retail store aisles, doesn’t it?

The “Firefly” component could be the payload, like all of the Greek warriors waiting to be sprung inside the Trojan Horse. As Mr. Olivarez-Giles explains, Firefly may “[use] the camera to recognize consumer products. Any content or product that Amazon sells will automatically be queued up for you to buy (now or later). Firefly can also use the phone’s camera to recognize phone numbers of local businesses.”

Readers may be surprised at the brazen aggressiveness of this phone and what looks like a prime aplication for it (no pun intended). But, as I wrote recently in this blog, Amazon looks like a real practitioner of “bully tactics”. Simply consider how this business has conducted itself throughout its negotiations with Hatchette, the publisher. Or how Amazon chose to implement the Android O/S for the Kindle eReader.

Bottom line, there isn’t anything new about the potential for the strategy behind the fire Phone to be a method of capturing even more impulse purchases from consumers as they pay their visits to brick and mortar retailers. With the fire Phone fickle buyers won’t even need a dressing room to take a selfie in an outfit and then shop it on Amazon. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing signs at the entrances to some retail locations notifying shoppers to “Please leave your fire Phone outside”.

Ira Michael Blonder

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