Where Are All The Surface 2 RT Tablets?

Microsoft’s Surface 2 RT Tablet reached a milestone on Wednesday, December 4, 2013. The New York Times published a review of the device, written by Bob Tedeschi, titled Microsoft Produces a Winner in Tablets.

This consistently positive review of the tablet follows up one of David Pogue’s last published reviews for the New York Times, which happened to focus on the operating system powering this tablet device — Windows 8.1. Mr. Pogue’s review pointed to substantial improvements in the Windows 8.1 Operating System, but, at the same time, the review also included a lot of detail about some clumsy aspects of the Windows 8.0 O/S, upon which the current O/S is based.

There was a substantial amount of controversy around Mr. Pogue’s review. Business Insider, published an article written by Jay Yarow on October 17, 2013, Microsoft’s PR Boss Slams NYT Gadget Guru David Pogue After He Gave Windows 8.1 A Horrible Review, which recounts how Mr. Frank X. Shaw, Head of Communications for Microsoft Tweeted his opinion about Mr. Pogue’s review.

The point of this post is not to look into whether Mr. Tedeschi’s positive review of the Surface 2 RT Tablet is somehow a form of penance on the part of the New York Times, to correct some of the negative hyperbole Mr. Shaw noted in Mr. Pogue’s article. Rather, I’m writing this post to point out how all of the hard won gain Microsoft has achieved with Mr. Tedeschi’s article, along with several other articles praising similar devices (the Venue 8 Tablet from Dell, which runs on the same O/S), may only amount to a pyrrhic victory — I can’t find a single retailer in the suburban New York City market with any inventory of the Surface 2 RT product.

So what was looking like a genuine win for Microsoft can actually turn out to be a rather depressing failure. It’s great building a device very well received by the target market, but it’s not great, at all, to be caught unawares (with no inventory to fill orders), by a substantial level of consumer interest, precisely when the most favorable consumer sales season of the year is at hand.

Where are all the Surface 2 RTs?

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