What’s the Significance of an Enterprise Search Feature Capable of ‘Standing’ the Whole Concept ‘On Its Head’?

Sprinkled within Satya Nadella’s remarks during Microsoft’s Q4 2014 Earnings Conference Call were some words about “Delve”. For readers unfamiliar with “Delve”, this new feature, which is only available via an Office 365 subscription, is a further refinement of something called “Code Name: Oslo”. “Code Name: Oslo” was presented at Microsoft’s annual SharePoint Conference, 2014, as something called “Office Graph”. Nadella noted “Delve will turn enterprise search on its head as information that is relevant to you finds you. Think of this as the Facebook suite for productivity.” The remark is a concise summary of the features of the product, with the allusion to Facebook serving as a placeholder for the Enterprise Social features of the product.

How big a market is there for “enterprise search”, and how does this market differ from the public “search” market? In this writer’s opinion there is a promising market for the type of substantial improvement to enterprise search Nadella cites as likely once Delve hits the “virtual shelves”. Almost every highly regulated business will want to at least take a look at the feature, if not purchase an Office 365 subscription to obtain it. FINRA’s 10-06 regulation, which requires financial services firms to archive Social Media conversations, represents yet another burden on smaller banks, brokerage houses, etc. Given the low per user cost of public Office 365 subscriptions, it may be safe to assume lots of these firms will want to at least take a look at Delve, and, therefore, consume some Office 365 subscriptions. Similar requirements exists for heavily regulated businesses in the health care industry. We can wrap up merely a cursory look at likely markets by including law firms in this category.

Another very promising potential inherent to Delve is any possible hooks to Cortana. Once again, for readers otherwise unfamiliar with Cortana, this product, which was recently announced during a debut of the new features to be included in Windows Phone 8.1, is Microsoft’s entry into the market for voice assistants, and can be seen as a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri and “OK Google”. Cortana has been touted as a method of leveraging Microsoft’s Bing Search Service via voice commands. If Cortana can also connect to Delve, then the whole mobile market for the above mentioned heavily regulated businesses may want to consume this new “Enterprise Search” whiz, as well.

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