Motorola’s Moto X Smoke Screen

Google’s Motorola Mobility unit debuted the Moto X in mid July, 2013. A lot has been written about this smartphone. The phone is the first telephony product pro9duced by this Google subsidiary since its acquisition. But we think the marketing communications and public relations efforts for the product fall far short of where they should be to produce serious public interest in this product.

The collateral we’ve reviewed is too targeted to an audience of highly technical people. We’ve read articles on Wired about the phone, watched snips from a couple of videos on the phone on Youtube, but have to confess we still don’t get any idea of the killer reason why we (or most anyone else) really needs this phone.

Maybe the gap we find ourselves in is the result of a miss on the part of the campaign’s creative team. We conclude the target are highly technical people (colloquially referred to as “geeks”), but this conclusion has arisen more from subtle features (for example, the mythic “Joel” in the photo on the Motorola Mobility web page for the product has tattoos running up his arm) than the kind of overt ambience created by any of the memorable creative campaigns we’ve sampled in the recent past (for example, Samsung’s Galaxy ads, or some of the original Apple iPhone ads).

When we put this creative miss together with our increasingly skeptical position on the extent of further upside to the high end smartphone market, we come up with a notion this product will likely fail.

On another note, we think the quality of the collateral is quite consistent with the types of efforts Motorola Mobility used to make. Since the market for consumer mobile phones began in earnest, back in the mid 1980s, the division has produced a lot of great technology, but not a lot of effective promotion. Looks to us like Google’s allowing the status quo to continue.

Ira Michael Blonder

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