On the Importance of Marketing Communications and Public Relations to Emerging Tech Businesses

On Thursday, May 30, 2013, the Online New York Times published an interview, conducted by Adam Bryant, with Roman Stanek, the CEO of GoodData. When Adam Bryant asked Roman Stanek to describe his “leadership style”, Stanek used the opportunity to not only touch on his own efforts, but to comment on the most important skills of a successful tech CEO. He specifically highlighted ” . . . the importance of communication skills. Having a vision and having confidence doesn’t mean anything unless you’re able to communicate it to your team, investors and customers. The ability to communicate well didn’t come easily for me. I always assumed that everybody would see things the same way I see them, and now I understand it takes a lot of time to get people aligned.”

So Roman Stanek here makes a strong case about tech CEOs: Successful tech CEOs not only have promising ideas, a lot of stamina, and a mechanism to market products. They also have to be strong communicators. They have to be articulate, and capable of inspiring teams and, presumably, customers and a market.

But why, then, are tech businesses, themselves, so often poorly equipped in the areas of marketing communications and public relations? When products are ready for markets and product marketing strategies are in place, there is no excuse for clumsy marketing communications and public relations efforts. Messages should be developed alongside products and refined through a process similar to beta testing a market. CEOs should be out bouncing ideas off of customers, industry influencers and communities of likely users. The messages used to communicate these ideas should be carefully built to stimulate useful response, which, in turn, can be used to build a picture of market sentiment, etc. But the majority of tech businesses appear not to attend to these points.

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