Why Marketing Communications for Technology Businesses Should be Produced by Technically Knowledgeable Writers

The surveillance leak of June, 2013, is, indirectly, a good example of why technology businesses should select technically competent writers for marketing communications projects. The shapeless concept of “big data” has been tightened up by this event.

Prior to the surveillance leak, “Big Data” looked to a technically astute audience to be little more than a new name for an otherwise old set of analytic tools developed for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs). Large databases are nothing new. U.S. federal and state agencies have worked, successfully, to gather specific information from enormous databases for years. So have comparably sized organizations in the private sector, including telecommunications services providers, consumer goods manufacturers and more.

Marketing Communications (MARCOM) efforts to educate the public about the really unique nature of “big data” were unsuccessful. But CNN and USA Today, two news service designed for a mass market audience, achieved more when they, along with thousands of other online news publications, used the word “metadata” in their front page stories on this topic. After those stories were printed, we can safely say the public has gained a somewhat more informative understanding of what “big data”, this new set of techniques designed for unstructured data, is all about. We say “somewhat” as the use of the term “metadata” in both stories was inaccurate. Nevertheless, a bit of an accurate understanding is better than no understanding at all.

Tech businesses would do better to lighten up on the creative imperative for their MARCOM projects, while emphasizing their real need for accurate technical communication about products. Often this need finds it satisfaction in editorial copy chock full of acronyms. But acronyms are not useful when the reader must be left with a clear understanding about concepts and products.

If you understand our point, and have a MARCOM project on your calendar, please let us know. We’re eager to learn more about what the market is after. Please send us a message.

Ira Michael Blonder

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