Enterprise IT Desktop Computing is Still Very Much a Windows World

Despite lots of editorial commentary on the explosive growth of Apple Computer, per the Q3 earnings report released yesterday, July 24th 2012, Mac computers still only account for a paltry 2-3% of the total worldwide personal computing market. We think that the percentage of Mac computers in use at enterprise businesses is proportionately smaller. We also don’t think that these percentages will change anytime soon. Therefore, enterprise IT ISVs ought to continue to plan on developing desktop clients for Microsoft® Windows most releases of on premise products/services/integrated solutions.

We also think that Microsoft is poised to increase its market share of the SaaS market for desktop computing applications. Office 365’s E3 plan is a compelling attraction for not only SMBs, but, with the radical changes implicit to Windows 8, also for enterprise IT organizations. There is no doubt that lots of enterprise customers will opt for a hybrid combination of on premise and SaaS. Given Microsoft’s size, reputation for reliability, and likely security capabilities, it should be a given that most larger enterprises will at least look into what Office 365 has to offer for their business.

Our review of the quarterly earnings reports for Microsoft and IBM noted mention of healthy demand from enterprise business for analytical tools that can deliver data that can be used to measure business performance for present day and predictive purposes. Once again, we think that ISVs should plan on a Windows desktop component for these tools for the majority of customers. Any of these assumptions should be finalized prior to engaging with market participants. Better to be late than ill equipped to handle the computing topology of prospect businesses.

The danger, as we see it, for designing applications for Mac computing or, for that matter as regards Cloud and SaaS, for Chrome and/or Firefox browsers, is that a big chunk of the enterprise computing market will be left out in the cold. Large organizations in the public sector, the US Federal Government, for example, have standardized entirely on a Windows computing paradigm that includes Internet Explorer. Losing sight of this reality can prove costly. Better to get it right the first time.

Of course, a market sampling campaign can go very far towards eliminating costly mis-assumptions about computing realities. If you would like to engage with a third party for a sampling campaign, please consider IMB Enterprises, Inc. Please telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at imblonder@imbenterprises.com.

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