Global Business Markets Require New Product Marketing Strategies in 2012

Technology innovators looking to build mission critical requirements within today’s global business markets must develop new product marketing strategies. Pervasive disappointing performance of big ticket technology purchases since the mid 1990s have graced technology buyers with a new tough skin — hard to penetrate and bullet proof just like rhino hide. Portfolio management is now a pervasive reality for IT departments at global businesses. Products without a cogent value proposition are not only unwelcome, they are ignored. Therefore, marketing teams must come up with new product marketing strategies to stimulate interest.

We think it’s helpful to characterize the global business market for technology as dysfunctional. Buyers pursue solutions to requirements that may vanish at any time as the result of dwindling technology budgets. As well, management may rethink needs, deciding that the pain of unmet needs will prove less expensive than a solution. With these assumptions in mind, the prospect of fabricating new product marketing strategies for complex products designed for global business markets takes on a more promising glow. Better get with the program, after all, February, 2012 is already just around the corner.

Collaboration ought to be the new mantra for technology vendors vying for global business markets. Maintaining a collaborative position with customers, prospects and the overall market means crafting opportunities to discuss requirements, objectives and long term planning with buyers as well as the important business managers that have been identified within prospect businesses. An ability to transpose the objectives of technology manufacturers into customer and prospect objectives is welcome. Successfully transposing objectives renders prospect discussions into a level playing field where all parties are after the same objective. As well, once all objectives are uniform and completely aligned, then prospects, customers and vendors take on similar roles that all parties (particularly buyers and business management) will look to perpetuate over the term during which relevant solutions are under discussion.

How to manage this transposition? It’s helpful to realize that the business objectives of vendors include placing products within solutions at global businesses. Buyers truly have the same objective, do they not? In fact, buyers are looking to implement solutions. They will maintain that objective as long as solutions appear viable and rich in value. Therefore, seeing matters clearly is the same as realizing that everyone at the table is after the same thing. With that understanding in place marketing and sales make more sense. Get it?

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    Now take the low price strategy, not just cheap supermarket and Spanish clothing retail stores, many stores, including large international supermarket chains also taking the same strategy.

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