Google+ Brings Social Media To a New Level of Usefulness for Marketing Complex Products & Solutions

With Google+ complex product marketing finally has an online vehicle that works. This step forward in the refinement of the “one to one” marketing capabilities of web 1.0 and the “one to my select many” marketing capabilities of early-stage web 2.0/social media includes a number of features that will deliver significant returns to complex product marketing for the enterprise:

  1. Group your contacts in “Circles” to selectively inform and promote
  2. Share news, notions, etc to stimulate dialogue with prospects, stakeholders, etc
  3. Embed videos, Product slide shows, etc to readily present groups of prospects with the message you need them to get without the danger of excessive mass market exposure via YouTube
  4. Visually meet, remotely, with multiple prospects with “Hangout”

In my opinion, with Google+ there is no longer any reason for complex product marketers to avoid online venues for promotion and branding. Conferencing, news, networking and intelligence-gathering (via shared discussions) can all be effected from within the confines of a Google+ page.

While many of the features of Google+ have been available elsewhere (for example, on FaceBook) the branding and extreme type-casting of many social media venues as spots for “friends,” game play grounds, etc. diminished the appeal of social media for complex product marketers who need to be entirely focused on enterprise business prospects and their unique needs. The sole exception to this rule has been LinkedIn. Admittedly, Google is not making a big push right now for Google+ as a strong online medium for business, but the features built into this website will deliver wonderfully for business applications.

A quick comparison with LinkedIn reveals a much richer interactive experience for the Google+ Share feature. For some reason participants feel more comfortable posting comments. Therefore, the discussion is richer, wider ranging, and includes more participants who, in turn can opt to dialogue among themselves and build new connections. In my opinion, LinkedIn is too formal and too recruitment-centric to deliver the type of results that I need for my marketing plans for complex products & solutions.

With interested participants, low return web 1.0 efforts like email blasts can be relegated to the circular file while “shared” news, etc can be posted with significant positive effect. As well, and with regard to online video calls as offered by Skype, Google Chat, etc. there is a new option with Google+. All told I must say that I find Google+ to be a very promising online medium, one which I intend to explore and exploit, as appropriate, for my clients.

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