Highly Effective Marketing Communications can do Wonders for Technology Product Promotion

On June 15, 2012 we read a review of the manufacturing details of Apple’s MacBook pro laptop series as published in Wired Magazine online. Having owned a couple of Mac PowerBook G4 laptops in the past we were not surprised at the description of how Apple had cobbled together a device that, realistically, is neither reparable nor upgradeable. No doubt about it, Apple has done tremendously well at the personal computing business. Their success is that much more remarkable given the extent to which they snubbed enterprise business markets in the 1990s. But convincing people to spend $1,799.00 for a laptop manufactured entirely in such a shoddy manner is truly a work of marketing communications genius.

It is important for innovative tech firms to emulate a scaled version of Apple’s strategy. We are not advocating masking a shoddy piece of equipment in a pretty wrapper. Rather, we are noting the importance of quality marketing communications to a successful technology business. Far too often we engage with early stage technology firms that either lack the required capital to properly present themselves with quality marketing communications, or pass over this requirement as something superfluous to a successful business plan.

We think it makes much more sense to allocate more financial resources to marketing communications than to product development where a businesses products are already stable and a base of customers has been secured in a target market. In fact, we consider this point to be critically important to success for clients. Fortunately we have a number of clients who understand this point.

In our experience t is particularly hard for businesses accustomed to operating under the radar of the market to understand this point. Often a decision on the part of these businesses to relegate marketing communications to no more than a covert operation specifically targeted to discrete prospects with targeted white papers, presentations, etc, morphs into a justification for less than high quality pieces and preparation. Wherever possible we point out this oversight and admonish customers to raise their “game” to a higher level. Communication can be targeted, but needn’t ever be less than first rate.

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