How to Use Teleprospecting to Compile Information About Competitors

Teleprospecting can be used successfully to compile information about competitors. Roughly speaking, there are 3 different methods worth considering:

  1. Covert activity, commonly referred to as G2 calls
  2. Overt activity
  3. and discussions with Prospects/Customers

Covert activity
We like the definition of G2 as presented on the Acronyms dot com web site. IMB Enterprises, Inc. has provided customers with G2 gathering services, exclusively from telemarketing and teleprospecting engagements, since the mid 1980s. The purpose of these calls is to find out as much about a competitor’s public offer, success rate, etc under the guise of an incoming inquiry to a competitor’s sales organization.

Overt activity
Very useful information about competitors can also be gathered from overt activities, including telephone calls placed to parties identified in success stories, case studies, and white papers published by competitors. In our experience these individuals will often share very useful information about important topics like return on investment (ROI), implementation experiences, factors that drove a purchase decision, and more. Of course, it is mandatory that teleprospecting agents selected for this type of activity exhibit the poise and demeanor required to maintain productive conversations with senior managers at enterprise class businesses. Simply scripting conversations and requiring tight adherence to these scripts will not be enough to ensure success.

Discussions with Prospects/Custoers
IMB Enterprises, Inc. has successfully conducted customer surveys on the behalf of clients. Usually these clients have chosen to implement a channel distribution strategy. Therefore, the customers and/or prospects that we have contacted have been selected from what was formerly known as a value added reseller (VAR) channel. In these cases it is quite useful to script these conversations. Further, the script ought to be put together from a set of questions specifically designed to “connect the dots” with regards to important questions; for example, the real impact of reseller margins as compared to consulting fees, and/or the real impact of competitive channel marketing — meaning VAR vs. National Acounts vs. OEM (white box) — marketing programs.

We also have very recent experience developing testimonials and/or case studies from end users. The promotional information collected through these conversations can certainly be expanded to include important insight about competitors. The real work is to “weave” these questions, with skill, into a broader discussion so that is inviting to all parties, not the least the customers, or prospects on the other end of the telephone.

If you see a value for intelligence-gathering for your business, and see the value in using third party services to successfully capture your objective, please consider IMB Enterprises, Inc. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Ira at

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