Injecting Brand Strategy into TeleProspecting Activity

Over the last several years we’ve worked with tech innovators who have eschewed traditional marketing communications activities as the result of a larger business effort to operate under the radar. We’ve treated the rational for pursuing this larger business effort in detail in earlier posts to this blog. Nevertheless, it is worth recapping: staying under the radar buys time for tech innovators who do not want to leave a trail that may be easily pursued by bigger competitors. As well, staying under the radar opens up an opportunity to play with ready fire aim while product specifics are refined and/or market hypotheses are tested with minimal exposure of the core business brand. In sum, under the radar marketing sometimes makes lots of sense.

Teleprospecting and any other engagement tactics with prospects provide a legitimate opportunity to implement brand strategy decisions. Indeed, if the marketing communications component of the marketing plan for the business is not to go entirely into sleep mode (absolutely a not recommended approach) it is essential that the brand strategy apply to teleprospecting activities. For example, key phrases within any teleprospecting scripts should align perfectly with brand strategy. As well, objectives for teleprospecting calls should include ensuring that each substantive conversation with prospects include informing the person on the other end of the telephone call with the most important (and easily communicated) features of the brand message. Governance methods for teleprospecting activities should include verification that any/all important features of the brand message were correctly communicated during each substantive conversation with prospects.

With marketing communications established in a healthy, but limited role within the direct marketing activities for the business (including the above mentioned teleprospecting example) an overall brand strategy can continue to evolve within the natural evolution of the business. In sum, there is no need to relegate marketing communications strictly to traditional media; rather, innovative direct marketing tactics like teleprospecting can deliver impressive results for core brand strategy with little risk of exposure for tech businesses operating under the radar.

We strongly encourage out of the box thinking like opting to operate under the radar, just be sure to make a spot for each of the essential pieces of your marketing plan within your operation. When/if you opt to go overt with your new business, then the transition will deliver much stronger results of brand strategy did not take a breather during the under the radar phase.

We welcome opportunities to discuss how powerful direct marketing tactics like teleprospecting can be utilized to build brand strategy for tech innovators targeting enterprise class business targets. Please call me, Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion.

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