Microsoft Leverages Partnerships for Features Exclusive to the Surface Pro 3

Two exclusive features of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, namely the efficiency of the chipset supporting Intel’s quad core processor, and Photoshop Touch, would not be available without direct participation from Adobe and Intel in the collaborative design of the product. Readers can watch the webcast introduction of this product to catch the specifics of each of these features.

The development of these features is not the only recent example of Microsoft® successfully leveraging opportunities to collaborate with other ISVs. During the week of May 19, 2014, Microsoft also announced a joint effort with SAP: SAP and Microsoft to Deliver Tighter Integration for Application Development and Cloud Deployments.

The potential benefit to Microsoft’s bottom line implicit to these collaborative wins should not be underestimated. SAP is a very large force in precisely the same enterprise markets Microsoft already dominates with its operating system and office suite. Since the SAP effort focuses on Azure, its impact on Microsoft’s share of the enterprise segment of the global cloud may be important.

In turn, the collaborative wins with Adobe, and Intel around the Surface Pro 3 may result in some portion of Apple’s core market at least seriously considering a switch over to the Surface Pro 3, if not actually taking the big step.

I am interested in learning further about these collaborative efforts and who the stakeholders are within Microsoft’s organization. I suspect the product marketing teams for the Surface product and for Azure have been the drivers, but perhaps groups from the sales organization have played a role, as well.

The significance of all of this, is of course, is to better gauge the likelihood of Microsoft convincing other mature ISVs (for example, Oracle, and, perhaps, even IBM) to jump on its bandwagon as it increases the intensity of its competition with Amazon, Google and Apple in their respective core markets. If the right players are in place in Redmond to continue to drive these deals, we can confidently expect to see more surprising deals like the debut of this hardware device.

Ira Michael Blonder

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