Limits on framing marketing communications around an argument from authority

Social media advocates often frame marketing communications efforts around a rhetorical argument from authority. This type of communication is crafted to convince the reader that a particular approach ought to be adopted based upon eitherthe soundness of its logic or its popularity. With regard to popularity, the question inevitably comes up as to just who is using this specific approach. Picking examples that do not resemble your audience is generally a kiss of death; therefore, some thought must go into framing an argument from authority where the authority amounts to ubiquity in a market.

I think social media advocates should take a big step back and rethink any/all marketing communications framed around an argument from authority. Further, some control ought to be exercised around the level of hyperbole vented by this group. After all, are enormous breakthroughs really popping with the frequency often documented in these presentations? My guess is probably not. From what we’ve read and the condition of recent Social Media IPOs we would say more that the opposite is in fact the case.

Rather, social media advocates ought to provide some case studies, or at least provide some meaningful examples of how specified markets are using social media tools and the accompanying rationale. We focus in this blog on marketing innovative technology into bigger businesses and large organizations. We have found a dearth of meaningful examples of how bigger businesses are successfully implementing social media tools. Therefore, we would welcome some specific examples of success culled from Fortune 100 businesses and/or large groups in the public sector. With this kind of stuff in hand we would warm up to a thought process that social media is actually sticking somewhere within the ranks of big business.

In fact, we’ve grown something of a callous with regard to typical social media marketing communications. In fact we ignore most of what we see as simple conjecture without real substance. Perhaps the success and ubiquity of social media for Fortune 100 is inevitable, but we just are hard pressed right now to say why.

We try to maintain a healthy level of skepticism in the work that we undertake for clients. If you can use a dose of skepticism to keep your marketing plan on track for an innovative technology offering, then we would like to hear from you. Please call Ira Michael Blonder, IMB Enterprises, Inc at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion about your product and your plan.

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