Market Niches do not Need to be Earth Shaking

Contrary to popular belief, discovering promising areas of need between Information Technology (IT) processes does not have to be an earthshaking procedure. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel”. Rather, a methodical analysis of markets, together with a serious campaign to engage with various levels of decision-making contacts within enterprise prospects can — and will — yield useful results that can thereby obviate the need to spend precious cash on methods that are doomed to failure.

Companies with high turnover of sales personnel who are out trying to sell solutions for unidentified problems can attest that the above approach is, potentially, a thrifty remedy. For early stage technology businesses, it makes sense to spend cash on market research prior to embarking on a program to build products. Information gathered from market research and conversations with contacts can be used to formulate decisions on what/why/how/who market questions. The answers obtained from these questions can equip entrepeneurs with the knowledge required to posit solutions to apparent areas of market need as well as point to specific points of entry. Further, contacts who have been helpful in an information gathering phase can be introduced to products as they are developed. In fact, these contacts can serve as a sounding board for the usefulness of products.

With today’s interest in online technology, social media, and a bulked up IT product consumer, there ought to be excellent areas of opportunity for innovative technology firms to devise methods of filling the gaps between IT solutions developed for enterprise businesses and large organizations of users. The challenge, of course, is to properly label gaps between solutions. A further challenge is to correctly identify contacts “in the know,” so-called “yodas” who can be trusted to point out those gaps that need to be filled if costly waste is to be avoided. Wasting development time trying to fill meaningless spaces between IT processes is an ever-present danger. Therefore, spending whatever time it takes to find a reliable resource who can transform conversations with contacts into a very useful exercise in information gathering makes lots of sense.

We are particularly interested in opportunities to identify these contacts for innovative technology businesses. We are also very well equipped to craft conversations into precisely the right type of information gathering. Please contact Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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