Marketing Communications Needs to Build Product Awareness on the Part of Enterprise IT Channel Partners

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This post is the third in a series on what we think are some important changes in the familiar dynamics of building a channel sales strategy for software products on the periphery of core demand for enterprise IT customers. We collected the information we are presenting here as the result of some of our current activities. What we have noted from some recent discussions with prominent IT services companies offering systems administration and software development to enterprise IT customers is their need for the type of marketing communications collateral that will build awareness on the part of their personnel of a product offer.

It is worth taking a moment to look further into what these contacts may have had in mind. First, we think that these contacts meant “product awareness,” rather than simply “awareness”. If our reader can stay with us as we make this leap, then we can propose that the traditional definition of product awareness is vague (“knowledge about the particular products . . .” can mean very different things to different readers), with an emphasis on the use of marketing collateral as a means of comparing different offerings for the same application from different manufacturers.

We don’t think that this traditional definition of product awareness is particularly relevant, in 2013. In fact we think our contacts used the term “awareness” to either let us know that their personnel have simply far too many products to think about at any time, or to let us know that staff activities on behalf of clients are strictly limited by their clients, with the result that their personnel lack the time to conceptualize the solutions that products like ours can be used to build.

In either case, without material to build this awareness, our clients’ products would be relegated to the role of an invisible option, seldom discussed and almost never recommended. Of course, invisible products are never sold. Therefore, these contacts were alerting us that we need to provide some very important information that builds awareness as a first step towards building a sales partnership with their respective firms.

In our next post in this series we will look at, specifically, the type of content that we recommend for inclusion in product awareness marketing communications collateral for enterprise IT software products.

Ira Michael Blonder

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