Mass Market Promotional Venues like Radio and even Television may be Accessible to Early Stage Enterprise IT ISVs

The number of low power radio and television stations operating across the United States has grown substantially over the last decade. Some of this growth is the direct result of a change in the method by which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocates bandwidth. The combination of this new approach on the part of the FCC, together with the availability of substantially lower cost software solutions that service all of the needs of lower power television and radio operators who are maintaining a channel or two in local markets has resulted in lots of growth in this segment of the media market.

This growth has produced advertising opportunities for early stage enterprise IT ISVs at reasonable cost. We think these advertising opportunities can be used, successfully, to build brand awareness within targeted geographies. For example, by sponsoring a local outlet of NPR, businesses can receive a 10 sec announcement during NPR programs. One of our clients opted for this offer. Our telemarketing campaign for this client included several calls where the contact noted “yes, I have heard of your company.” In contrast, our attempt to use Google Adwords to build brand awareness for this same client did not reveal any market place awareness of the company.

Similarly, selective advertising over low power television stations can also be an effective method of building brand awareness. Of course, the broadcast foot print of these stations will be significantly smaller, but with local cable television coverage policies almost certainly assuring that these stations will be included in basic cable offers, early stage enterprise IT ISVs can certainly explore the promotional potential of these media outlets.

For businesses that wish to build brand awareness in either Silicon Valley, New York City, or the metropolitan Boston area, this type of lower cost over the air advertising is worth an exploration. Of course, establishing brand awareness, as quickly as possible, is an important objective for any early stage business. Whether it makes sense, or not, to focus on building this awareness based upon a geographical location is certainly a variable that should be considered on a case by case basis.

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