Microsoft Looks to Lock Down Enterprise Market with Surface

While we do not, generally, write on the topic of consumer IT products, services, and/or integrated solutions, we do strive to focus on the same for the enterprise computing market. But, in deference to our focus, we need to publish a post to this blog on the topic of Microsoft® Corporation’s Surface, which had its debut yesterday, June 18th 2012. We think that the Surface finally establishes Microsoft in a position among the front runners of the consumerized IT market place with an offer that will be worth lots of consideration on the part of enterprise IT CIOs as they grapple with how best to support employees who are opting for BYOD solutions.

We think that Microsoft can stem a good bit of the tide that has been turning towards the iPad as the preferred tabled device at least for enterprise IT. Of course our position is built on an important assumption that the Surface will be largely compatible with Microsoft’s Office Suite for Windows 8. Further, we are assuming that the Surface will work fine with Microsoft SharePoint. This latter assumption is particularly important. From September, 2011 to the present we have spent a considerable amount of time working with an IT content solution for SharePoint training. We have observed, first hand through hundreds of telephone conversations, the extensive penetration of larger enterprise IT businesses and comparably sized organizations in the public and not for profit sectors that Microsoft has achieved with SharePoint. In our opinion, it was essential that Microsoft come to the market with a product like the Surface that could magnetize these same businesses to look to Microsoft for their BYOD tablet solutions. Fortunately, we think they have succeeded.

If we move the focus a bit over to innovative tech businesses targeting enterprise IT, we think the Surface provides an excellent reason to maintain deep scrutiny on the Microsoft computing environment within these enterprise businesses. Innovators should be on the look out for niche opportunities to produce missing enhancements that will complement the environment, rather than opportunities to produce disruptive technologies. A bit of fear and trembling should be kept at the forefront. With the Surface Microsoft has demonstrated that it is not going to turn the enterprise IT markets over to Apple or Google anytime soon.

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