Microsoft Understands the Evolution of Personal Computing from Desktop Computers to Handheld Devices

The need for a truly personal computing experience is no less a driver for consumers than was the case in the past. We think that Microsoft, with its new marketing communications (MARCOM) effort for the Windows Phone, understands the now subliminal pain that the average consumer experience when he/she considers options to truly personalize a computing experience. We are not sure about either Apple or Google as regards their understanding, or interest in helping people find a salve for this pain.

In fact, today in 2012, the consumer operates under an assumption that network computing, over the Internet, offers more as a method of personalizing computing than the personal computer, itself. The ability to personalize the computing experience, naturally, is located at the root of a process to fulfill this need for personal computing. There are a number of factors driving this consumer assumption, not the least of which is the cost of obtaining software to build comparably personal computing environments on the desktop vs. availing of network computing, meaning Internet cloud, alternatives is certainly much more expensive. Certainly, buying Adobe’s Creative Suite for a desktop PC (upgrade offer, as of November 3, 2012, at $525.00 purchase price), as an outright purchase, is much more expensive than is the alternative of simply renting these same applications, on a monthly basis from a managed services provider. For example, Adobe, itself, offers consumers access to all of the applications in their CS6 series at a monthly cost of merely $29.99 (one year commitment is required) for the first year of service.

As we have written earlier in this blog, enterprise IT ISVs, including Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Google, and Amazon are all driving this market assumption. In fact, workplace computing software, across the board, has been rendered mere commodity. In a highly competitive market for commodities, the producer with the least cost of building product wins, as the result of retaining the most profit from sales. Therefore, cloud options are good for Enterprise IT ISVs.

But disasters like Hurricane Sandy are not good for consumers. Therefore, very clear limits have now been established, in the aftermath of this monster storm, above which MARCOM efforts to inflate cloud hyperbole ought to fear to tread. In sum, Microsoft’s ability to direct its MARCOM effort to emphasize the personal in its promotion of the Windows Phone is to be commended. We cannot help but think that there will be significant success for this effort.

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