No Code Programming Requirements Provide Enterprise IT ISVs with a Promising Market Opportunity

As we mentioned in an earlier post to this blog, Gartner’s Citizen Developers look a lot like camera hobbyists, when we compare the enterprise IT computing market to mass market photography. We think that enterprise IT ISVs offering methods of producing computing procedures that do not use computer programming should carefully manage their brand with regard to how they are perceived by citizen developers.

It is worth taking a moment to add some substance to our notion that the market for no code automation solutions (other wise known as “work flow”) is a healthy one, which, if managed correctly, can provide meaningful revenue for ISVs with successful product offers for some time to come. The driver, as we see it, is the otherwise dismal performance of the majority of hard coded IT software projects (meaning projects where software is written by programmers to build the end system). Without digging deeply to come up with numbers, we will posit here our notion that the success rate for most enterprise IT projects where custom software solutions are the objective, is approximately 50%. Of course, this low percentage is a major problem, and, further, an inhibitor to the wider adoption by enterprise IT organizations of custom hard coded systems development.

As we wrote much earlier in this blog, in our opinion, the whole concept of IT Project Portfolio Management arose as a direct result of pervasive poor return on investment in hard coded IT projects. Software as a Service offers, today, are positioned by market participants (notably Salesforce dot com) as a “no software” solution to this problem. The pitch is, simply, “you don’t need to build it, just use what I’ve already built”.

The reality of events like Hurricane Sandy amount to an important factor that, in our opinion, will influence enterprise IT decision-makers to continue to search for viable on premises solutions, or hybrid combinations of on premises and remote managed services offerings. In fact, it took a mere 5 minutes here in Huntington Station, New York for our access to managed remote services to be completely cut off as we lost our power and our fail over system, which utilizes dedicated wireless data communications from Verizon, failed as the result of completely compromised cell towers and a flooded central station for Verizon in lower Manhattan.

Enterprise IT ISVs with no code offers can be particularly attractive to these enterprise organizations that cannot, entirely, take the risk implied by remote managed services. In the next post to this blog we will look at an important factor that adds greater attractiveness to these no code process development options.

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