RelatelQ Raises Venture Capital Investment and Benefits from Some Prominent Press in the Same Day

Never underestimate the power of free publicity. RelatelQ, a Palo Alto early stage ISV announced a successful effort to raise $29MM from several venture capitalists on June 13, 2013. This news was included in an article with even bigger impact for the business, Your New Secretary: An Algorithm .

It’s not easy to quantify the impact of Ms. Rusli’s article on the visibility of RelatelQ in its market. But it certainly didn’t hurt to have the article published coincidentally with the public announcement of the cash injection. In fact, from the description of the technology in Ms. Rusli’s article, it isn’t earth shaking, nor particularly new (anyone familiar with the late 1980s who was actively involved with personal computing will likely remember Lotus Agenda, which had a lot of the same capabilities back in 1988). So the lesson for early stage ISVs is what you say amounts to how you say it and who decides to publish it. As we’ve noted time and time again in this blog, Marshall McLuhan is still alive and well and just as brilliant, for his own venue, as Albert Einstein was for his. “The Medium is the Message”.

We visited the RelatelQ website hoping for an opportunity to take a look at their application, but found an “invitation only” note on the front page. We’re not sure this public posture benefits them, but, bottom-line, we can’t access their software.

The notion of what the software can do is exciting. We used Lotus Agenda for 3 or more years in a team setting with tremendous results. Our gross revenues went from $7MM to over $28MM in the same timeframe. So using an application to autosort travel notes, jourrnal entries, call reports, etc. can be a very valuable activity.

If your business can benefit from a successful effort to convince a reporter or two to write about what you’re up to, but you lack the internal staff to get the job done, contact us. We’ll be happy to make our best efforts on your behalf. You can send us a message, as well.

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