Security is a Major Area of Interest for Enterprise IT Software Buyers Considering Cloud and SaaS Offers

As of August 10, 2012, security remains a major area of interest for enterprise IT software buyers considering cloud and/or SaaS offers, regardless of marketplace hype. We base our contention on today’s news, which included an article published on the Bloomberg dot com web site, RIM Said To Draw Interest From IBM On Enterprise Services. Two points caught our eye in this piece:

  1. “IBM is the world’s largest provider of computer services to enterprises” and
  2. The article’s contention that the Research and Motion Business Services offer amounts to ” . . . a secure e-mail system that’s preferred by some large corporations to more consumer- oriented offerings”

We were impressed with the timing of this move on the part of IBM (which we think is bold), simply one day after Hewlett Packard formally announced a complete write down of their $8 billion acquisition of EDS, which made up all of their enterprises IT services business. By stepping further into the enterprise IT market with word of its acquisition plans, IBM reinforced our view that the Hewlett Packard announcement said more about their failure to capture an adequate share of a still lucrative enterprise IT services market than about the health of the market, itself.

Of even greater significance is the fact that the target that IBM is after, the enterprise services business at Research in Motion, is prized for the security of its email servers. We’ve made a consistent case over the last several months that a big hole in the Cloud bubble is the question of security. With the recent well publicized disaster suffered by a writer for Wired magazine, Mat Honan, whose big green Apple accounts, across the board, were compromised by malicious hackers, we think enterprise IT CIOs will think even longer and a lot harder about agreeing to Cloud services anytime soon that fail to offer bonafide account security. Evidently IBM thinks that Research in Motion’s servers pass this test.

The security piece is the important takeaway that we are offering here for tech innovators building products for enterprise IT markets. If you plan to deliver via cloud, then make sure your cloud service is secure and able to pass an independent verification on your claim. If you lack the internal resources to render a truly useful internal opinion on this point, please reach out to IMB Enterprises, Inc. we are interested in this type of conversation. You can contact us online or telephone us at +1 631-673-2929. The first 15 mins of any consultation is always on us.

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