Successfully Targeted Product Promotional Marketing Collateral Speaks First to the Most Pressing Need

It’s fine for promotional editorial content for software products, services, and even integrated solutions to speak to the needs of technical users. In fact there is no lack of this type of promotional collateral to be found in popular enterprise markets. But the rub, in our experience, is that most of this content fails to deliver on objectives. We think the reason why is that the technical issues keeping systems administration personnel up at night, or developers, for that matter, can be far removed from the reasons that division heads have become insomniacs.

The first objective of this type of promotional collateral must be to speak to the reasons that division heads are experiencing sleepless nights. To go back to the example that we presented in the last post to this blog, let’s say that a regulatory agency levied an enormous fine on a heavily regulated business as the direct result of this business’ inability to produce a complete set of email correspondence for each of its staff members involved in a specific project. Further, the regulatory agency in question decided to levy this enormous fine when several email messages not produced by the business showed up in public discussion about the specific project under review.

In this case, it should be obvious that the most pressing need is for the business to pass through a review like the one we have depicted unscathed, meaning without a fine. The sleeplessness experienced by the division heads of the teams responsible for the project is directly attributable to the exposure of the firm to a calamity like the agency fine to which we have alluded. The fact that the technical nuts and bolts for any solution that will satisfy the business’ need to successfully collect the highest percentage of all email messages exchanged during the project must work with Microsoft Exchange is entirely secondary (and likely way down the pipe) from the operational risk exposure that we have built into this example.

Therefore, the best approach to designing effective promotional collateral for the type of market need that we have depicted in our example is to start with a description of the operational risk represented by an inability of any heavily regulated business to collect the highest possible percentage of email messages exchanged during specific projects. Division Heads should get the message. Once they have the message, then they can direct technical personnel to research the best possible solution.

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