Telling Evidence of Why At Least the Push to Mobile Devices has Legs

On June 13, 2012, a company by the name of publishes a press release on businesswire: Corporate On-the-Go ‘Slomo’ Explained! Survey Shows Poor Access to Collaboration Tools, Not Workers, to Blame for Low Productivity and Wasted Time Out-of-the-Office. What caught our eye about this press release were the statistics collected about the frequency for “mobile” enterprise business workers to process high priority work outside of the office during non business hours. If the statistics are credible (and we think they are) then it makes sense for innovative technology vendors to carefully read this release and plan accordingly. Two action steps that we think make sense in light of this release include:

  1. Continuing development of software ports for Mobile computing devices and
  2. Understanding the impact of the type of decision-making process illustrated by this release on how enterprise businesses make (and will continue to make) purchase decisions

We think that these numbers can, actually, be extrapolated to much higher levels. As we see it, the current high productivity targets that are the norm for these workers in enterprise businesses are, in all likelihood, driving lots of non traveling employees to precisely the same type of behavior; therefore, we enclosed the word mobile in quotation marks in the first paragraph of this post. Further, and of most importance to product marketing (and even sales planning), it is very important that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) understand that even decisions to change (which we have recently pointed to as true catalysts for big purchases for enterprise businesses) will often be actualized as an after thought, perhaps at 11pm from a kitchen table over an iPhone or perhaps an iPad. There is just too much regular process going on during business hours for decision-makers to take the time to act on major decisions that, perhaps, can be put on hold for a few hours.

Naturally this type of behavior leads to longer sales cycles, lots of online research in lieu of discussion with sales teams, etc. With unemployment as high as it is in the developed world (US and Europe, including the UK), there are just not enough staff members available to get all the work done during business hours. In sum, this release reinforces a lot of what has been presented over the last several months in posts to this blog. Complex sales strategies are the only method that we know of that properly addresses the business life style that pervades the enterprise software market. The call to action here is to get with the program — kyc — “know your customer”.

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