The Marketing Communications Challenge for the DevOps Enterprise IT Software Market

Just today, Wednesday, August 8, 2012, we read some news about a new enterprise IT software trend that is purported to be magnetizing significant buyer interest across enterprise IT software markets — DevOps. We are not very clear as to what this market is all about. The marketing communications that we can find on this topic is geek-centric; in our opinion, too opaque for most senior business management to fathom. What we have managed to understand about DevOps is that this activity brings IT application development teams together with business line operational teams to do a better job of building software applications that deliver business line objectives, but within the constraints sanctioned by enterprise IT organizations. Ostensibly DevOps constitutes a remedy for BYOD (really BYOA for “Bring your own application”) and the consumerization of enterprise IT.

If our understanding is accurate, then we have to ask if software applications in the DevOps area are simply a subset of enterprise software applications that require business process re-engineering (BPR) to deliver on their promise. We put Microsoft® SharePoint® in this category along with any/all other applications for which marketing communications leverages the notion of user adoption, which notion we find to be synonymous with BPR. Bottom line, in our experience BPR applications take lots of effort over a lot of years to deliver on their promise. Further, it takes the muscle of an enormously powerful player, like a Microsoft, to captivate the attention of enterprise IT software buyers to look at applications, like SharePoint, from this angle. Therefore, we are eager to learn further how smaller, VC cash powered businesses, are capitalizing on this market trend.

With specific regard to Microsoft, from what we have read about DevOps, OpenStack, etc. it would appear that Microsoft® Azure® is a player in this space, but, once again, we need to get this clarified through first hand conversations with representatives from businesses in this market.

If we flip the marketing communications opacity issue upside down, there is an opportunity for clarification that would certainly jump start explosive growth for these businesses. Therefore, we imagine that marketing communications expertise is in demand for the various businesses competing in this market.

If your business objectives require that you obtain absolutely clear information about high velocity enterprise IT market trends like DevOps, you may want to speak with IMB Enterprises, Inc. We try to catch these waves very early on and reach out directly to trend stakeholders to build an understanding of their market. Please call Ira Michael Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Ira at

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