Use Marketing Communications Programs to Deliver High Quality Leads to Sales

Tech businesses should include marketing communications programs as the primary method of producing high quality leads. Never look to sales teams to produce comparable quality leads through cold calling techniques. In 2013, online product promotion should be the focus of marketing communications efforts.

It is surprising how many small tech businesses continue to look to cold calling as the primary method of developing leads. Somehow cold calling is regarded as a very low cost method of promoting products. But actually the opposite is the case. In 2013 sales people are simply wasting a lot of time placing cold calls.

We have written extensively over the last month about online marketing communications programs, SEO, SEM and pay per click online advertising. We have not written much about cold calling. We need to present some of our concerns about this alternative method of developing leads.

Cold calling programs are rooted in direct marketing. These programs certainly have their place within a product marketing strategy; however, most of the cold calling programs we have participated in lacked the product marketing strategy protective envelope. They simply were not planned correctly. Small tech businesses have to first build a product marketing strategy. Once this cornerstone is in place it may make sense to implement cold calling as a tactic, but not before. Nor does it make sense to push sales people into bully mode when the products they are promoting are complex and require substantial consideration on the part of customers.

Usually cold calling is associated with a particular type of personality, someone who is much more a sales person than a marketer. But the rationale for the tactic for tech product sales, most of the time, is not to close deals, but to build leads. Would it not make sense to use marketers to place these calls? Aggressive techniques do not produce warm reactions across enterprise IT prospects who are already stressed.

Ira Michael Blonder

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