Wired Data Communications Solutions Look to Remain Data Center Preference for the Near Future

CIO, the publication of IDG published a post by Lucian Constantin, Tools Released At Defcon Can Crack Widely Used PPTP Encryption in Under a Day on July 30, 2012. Constantin’s post mentions that a major vulnerability has been found in Microsoft® Windows point to point security solutions as well as in the WPA-2 wireless data communications protocol. These revelations, presumably, were made very recently at the Def Con 20 Conference, held between July 26th and July 29th 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. We say “presumably” as our research turned up that similar vulnerabilities for both of these security approaches were publicized in January, 2012 at the Def Con meeting in New York City. We have a question into Lucian Constantin about this point. We will publish further information as to whether these findings are new, or simply echoes of last winter’s announcement.

In our opinion, regardless of whether Lucian Constantin’s post is new information, or not, the mere mention of these vulnerabilities simply adds more reason to the compelling case made by enterprise IT CIOs to resist pressure to open up the gates to wireless data communications devices. Apple seems to have gotten this message. We read with interest recently that Apple intends to purchase Authentec, which is a company with a very deep set of security solutions for data communications. The bottom line for innovative tech businesses with solutions for enterprise data communications is to pay lots of attention to wired concepts, while soberly considering data center realities with regards to wireless notions.

We do not think that these findings impact at all on any cloud computing considerations that enterprise IT data center managers may be contemplating, beyond the likelihood that they will look for assurances from cloud services providers that they have built in defenses against the publicized vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, it is important to note that, given the endless string of these types of revelations, some enterprise IT organizations may simply look for cloud vendors to indemnify them against any/all losses that they may suffer as the result of this type of security issue. In fact, we think this caveat should be a basic anticipated exposure that any new vendor with a cloud offering for enterprise IT ought to incorporate into its business plan.

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