A Teleprospector Carries an Audible Sandwich Board Directly to the Ears of Prime Prospects

I learned early on within my experience with teleprospecting that the opening message to prospects, delivered through this powerful telemarketing technique, was much like an audible sandwich board, comprised of front and back key phrases delivered directly to one set of hand picked ears to stimulate a conversation that would deliver lots of useful information. The teleprospector is merely responsible for delivering the message. The real payload lies in the phrases themselves, which must be carefully chosen to catch the interest of the listener on the other end of the telephone call.

A client grudgingly noted that the phrases, which must be delivered early in the conversation and in an interval comprised of no more than five seconds of the complete telephone call, should place his product at the very top of commodities in his market. He would have rather had the call occasioned by survey taking, or on the premise of a prospect interview on a topic germaine to his product, but he correctly surmised that framing the conversation that far away from an actual sales call would leave the prospect with a less than sanguine opinion of the client’s business should subsequent conversations follow where the true nature of the call (as a door opener for a sale somewhere in the future) be made known to all parties. I present this recollection to illustrate the very subtle positioning required of the teleprospecting call, which must be carefully, but comfortably, placed between a sales call and a research study to deliver the most productive effect.

The most productive effect will be to unearth a substantial amount of information, at once credible and descriptive of a prospect’s role with regard to a product or service within a business. Once this information is digested, categorized and stored within the sales effort a foundation of understanding will be in place, upon which additional information can be layered and positioned, as appropriate, to determine interest, decision makers, etc.

Teleprospecting should be included as a tactic within any sales plan for a product or service targeted to enterprise customers. There is no other sales tool that will produce information of comparable quality. As well, no other sales tool makes so little a mark on the market with so little notoriety. Curious to think that these audible sandwich boards could produce so elegant a result. No wonder that effective teleprospecting skills are so hard to come by.

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