Dell first quarter 2013 conference call shows importance of complex sales experts to successful execution of business strategy

First, we need to acknowledge that we own stock in Dell. We need, as well, to notify our readers that the purpose of this post is not to influence opinion about Dell as an investment; rather, the purpose of the post is to illustrate the importance of complex sales experts to this publicly traded business. Clearly, anyone listening to the Dell first quarter conference call for fiscal year 2013 cannot help but note the comments that part of the poor quarterly results can be attributed to poor sales performance. Listening further, it is clearly apparent that the challenges of focusing on integrated solutions, rather than individual products, together with a need to engage with a complex set of contacts within a prospect business were beyond the scope of a portion of the sales team at this global, public business. As the Dell spokespersons on the call acknowledged, the identified remedy was to add, specifically, sales “experts” who represented a better likelihood of delivering on the business strategy.

As Dell apparently sees it, the carrot at the end of the stick is the enterprise market for integrated computing solutions. It should be noted that, as we see it, the piece of the enterprise market that Dell is after is differentiated from the typical turf sought after by IBM Services, Accenture or the like. Dell is after the Small to Mid Size Business (SMB) market for enterprise integrated solutions. Nevertheless, management makes no attempt to deny the fact that sales teams could not successfully deliver the volume of business from this market that had been forecasted and, therefore, the quarter included a substantial miss.

Once again, our purpose here is merely to illustrate with the above example the growing importance of specific expertise with complex sales for integrated solutions to technology businesses after the enterprise market. We don’t think that it is possible to sell integrated solutions to enterprise customers without a complete dedication to the type of complex sales method that we have illustrated elsewhere in this blog. Only through an extensive series of engagements with contacts that produces meaningful information that points to areas of need for specialized, highly integrated technology solutions can sales volume be confidently forecasted, not to mention delivered.

Of course, we are particularly interested in early stage technology businesses looking to enter enterprise markets. If you understand the imperative of including personnel with deep levels of expertise with complex sales into your team, then we would like to speak with you. Please telephone Ira Michael “Mike” Blonder at +1 631-673-2929 to further a discussion. You may also email Mike at

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