Influencers play a valuable lead generation role for business to business sales

Your teleprospecting campaign offers a recurring potential to fast track your sales cycle for your complex product or service targeted to business customers. How to get there? Ensure that your teleprospectors multi task their objectives. While they keep their eyes on the product sales cycle ball by working on the identification of purchase decision makers within realistic prospect companies, make sure they also keep their head hunting hats on. Fact is that you need to build your list of market influencers. Your teleprospectors can do your recruitment for you, if they know what they are after. Identifying influential individuals who can help your selling efforts is right up there as regards optimum lead generation for innovative technology businesses with products and/or services targeted to global business and other large customers.

Therefore, it follows that the best people to use for your very early stage teleprospecting effort are mentally ambidextrous individuals who can operate independently with a high level of entrepeneurial enthusiasm. Punch clock mavens are not going to take the step back that is required to evaluate lead quality to determine whether or not the person on the other end of the telephone call can serve a different role as a contributor to your selling effort, rather than as the target of the selling effort for a specific prospect.

The kind of teleprospector who maintains the type of vigilance that I am describing is plugged into your overall business perspective, much like a partner. At a very early stage it is quite valuable to attract these types of individuals. Nevertheless, as your business matures several important junctures will be reached where you will have an opportunity to determine whether it makes sense to keep these folks on long enough to reach the next station. It is not my purpose in this post to venture further into a description of the personality type of the teleprospecting personnel that I am describing here. Let it suffice to say that some of the characteristics of the type of multi tasking teleprospector that I am describing may, at some point, prove less attractive. But at an early stage when an innovative technology business must have a great lead generation program at the ready, these folks produce terrific results.

Returning to the opportunity to unearth influencers from your prospect pool, the fact is that influencers, specifically individuals with lots of experience in the markets that you wish to enter, and experience gained at the level of a decision maker represents a very valuable lead for your business. This type of individual can quickly instill the trust that other prospect will require as a preliminary to any serious discussion about your product for a possible need.

Obviously I have lots of experience on this topic having spent almost a decade in the executive search and contract consulting business for technology targeted to global business. I would be enthusiastic about opportunities to partner with emerging businesses looking to recruit the right type of teleprospectors. Further I would welcome opportunities to train teams to identify influencers. Call me to discuss your business and your needs at +1 631-673-2929.

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